Brand | LMJ


LMJ is a jewelry brand established by Laura Micheli, an Italian-born architect now based in Zurich. The brand is about exploring, through craftsmanship, the interaction between beauty and emotions. The result are unexpected, intimate and emotional pieces of jewelry. Laura Micheli’s interest towards all forms of art and design moved her passion from architecture to jewelry. After graduating from the Academy of Architecture in Mendrisio, Switzerland, Laura dived deep into the art of jewelry making in Florence and London, where the origins of LMJ were born.

Archaic and organic forms, often coming from Nature, inspire us. Materials, textures, objects with a row beauty attract us.

"Often a creative error turns into an element of interest, so when a piece is not yet finished, a new one is already born”. - Laura Micheli

Our story begins with handcraft, and we are passionate about sharing it. At LMJ Creative Lab, our Atelier in the heart of Zurich, we offer various jewelry-making courses for anyone eager to explore the artistry of this craft.


Alongside our collections, we craft one-of-a-kind jewelry pieces made to measure measure for every client. Starting with your ideas and stories, our aim is to create heirlooms that you'll love and cherish for a long time.

Bespoke Jewelry

Our jewelry is crafted with care using enduring materials and given a peculiar handmade finish, making every piece unique. The pieces are conceived as small sculptures, where beauty is key. Not a perfect one, but a raw beauty, often inspired by organic or archaic forms. Any irregularity in the aspect is considered part of the piece and connected to the artisanal process.

LMJ works with artisans and suppliers between Switzerland and Italy. Everything is local, which keeps the quality high and the production sustainable. The gold and silver are sourced mainly from recycled materials.