2 square meters of meat, skin shrinks and relaxes to the rhythm of our movements and wraps our soul, mind and heart into an environmentally sensitive shell. There are places which awaken the senses that we daily keep in hibernation and bring us back to our natural state.

The forest is one of them.

It’s a fantastic place: there are flying carpets of leaves, clouds of blueberries, colourful umbrellas of good and bad mushrooms, underground passages and shelters made of branches and trunks inhabited by billions of invisible creatures. The latter are real architectural structures, sometimes so eccentric that they seem to escape any static law invented by man, and instead only respond to those of nature. Layer after layer, time holds them together and the patina of deterioration embellishes them.

In addition to meat and receptors, we are also made of memory, of associations. So while I sit on what appears to be a moist and slightly slippery throne, the branches I see on the ground turn into pointed sticks, stacked one on top of the other.  Branches, junctions, Mikado.

These spoons are the story of a game at Mikado and a life lived in a playful precarious balance.



Type: Spoons
Material: Copper, Hand carved peach wood


These spoons are a unique piece. Similar ones can been realized in any metal on request.