What’s your background ? I am an Italian architect and jewelry designer / maker based in Zurich, Switzerland. 
After graduating my Master degree at the "Academy of Architecture of Mendrisio" in Switzerland in 2016, I have worked in different international architecture and design offices in Paris, Milan and London. In parallel, my interest towards art and design led me to make a jump of scale and discover the world of contemporary jewelry. I have deepened and studied the craft of jewelry making starting in a small goldsmith laboratory in my home town in Italy, then attending courses in various schools among which the Contemporary Jewelry School "Alchimia", in Florence.

How would you describe your work?
I like to believe my pieces are intimate and emotional.
I am attracted to organic shapes, where I stress the sense of proportion, composition and the role of light in unexpected ways.

Design / making?
I am a designer, but my approach is very process driven, especially in creating the jewelry for my own label Laura Micheli.
I love the materiality in jewelry. The pieces are mostly conceived as small sculptures, where beauty is key. Not a perfect one, but a raw beauty, often inspired by organic or archaic forms.

Where do you source materials or products?
The goldsmiths and suppliers we collaborate with are between Switzerland and Italy. Everything is very local, which is great both for the high quality and the human aspect.
The gold and silver we use are mainly from recycled materials. Our gold is “Oekogold” Certified. 

What’s your favourite technique?
I enjoy both working with handmade compositions and with lost wax casting. Sometimes I introduce special effects or colors using techniques such as the Japanese Nunome Zogan, applying enamel or setting gemstones. 

Who is the archetypal LM customer?
I guess it would be me!
Someone who appreciates good quality, durable jewelry to wear everyday, but with an unexpected touch.